Ethically sourced yarn, 

hand dyed in Ireland.

Based in Cavan, our yarn is inspired by our surroundings, we make with our hands so that you can make with yours.

The process of producing quality, hand dyed yarns was never rushed, but rather slowly developed to be highly desirable, inspiring and harmonious. We believe in doing things the proper way.

Our inspiration is taken from our surroundings in rural Ireland.

Our story began with a yearning to create with our hands, using experimental dye techniques and traditional materials, to return to a more sustainable time when quality and craftsmanship were valued over the mass produced.

We are makers and designers. In our small workshop we dye yarn and fibre in small batches, the emphasis on material and process.

Knowing and caring where our materials come from is the bones of our business. Small is good, individual is good.

Choosing the proper way over the easier way. That is why we ensure our yarn comes from farms with ethical practices. The farms guarantee mulesing free processes of obtaining the fibres which means a fair and humane treatment of their sheep. Our hand dyed yarn is sourced from small farms in South America, while our fibre for our mill is sourced for quality - some of the fibre comes from right here in Ireland, while others from Amercian farms.  

Slow is good.

Slow to perfect our colours, with thought and care. Slowly experiencing the simple pleasures in life which ultimately fuels the big ideas behind Olann.

Slow living allows us to connect more meaningfully with our product. Getting outdoors and exploring the Irish landscape, the mountains, valleys, forests and the sea to feel the inspiration for our colours emerge from our surroundings.