CocoKnits Leather Handle Set



Leather handle set

Use Cocoknits' vegetable-tanned Leather Handle Kit to add handles to any cloth or knitted bag with NO sewing requiredIf the bag requires washing, simply remove the handles beforehand and reattach when the bag is dry.

The kit includes:

  • 2 x leather straps (16in/41cm × 0.5in/13 mm)
  • 4 x leather 'washers' 1in/2.5cm × 0.5in/13 mm)
  • 4 x leather cords (2 mm x 5in/12.5 cm)
  • Instructions for attaching to a bag
  • Instructions for sewing own cloth bag
CocoKnits Leather Handle Set
CocoKnits Leather Handle Set

Note ! Bag sold seperately