Natural BFL Club

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Welcome to the Natural BFL Club!

This is a 3 month subscription to the Olann Natural BFL club which begins in the second week of November 2019. You will receive 1 skein per month. You will receive 3 skeins total of this club in the club colour.

Signup for memberships are announced on social media platforms. We open memberships in the final month of the previous round. Club colours are unavailable to non-members.

There are four rounds of clubs per year:

Spring | February, March, April
Summer | May, June, July
Autumn | August, September, October
Winter | November, December, January

The Natural BFL Club is brand spanking new and we here at Olann are very excited to bring it to you. We all know speckled acid dyed yarn is very popular, we’ve yet to meet someone who doesn’t enjoy some form of acid dyeing! But, about a year ago we fell in love with natural and plant dyes. We wanted to make sure we were fully understanding of the process of these dyes as the differ wildly to our acid dye process. A year later and I am finally comfortable exploring the magic world of plant and natural dyes. Should you require more yardage, you can buy two club subscriptions and we will refund you the second shipping costs.

Natural BFL base:
50g | 200m
100% Non Superwash Bluefaced Leicester

100g | 400m
100% NSW Bluefaced Leicester

Packages will ship via An Post express post.