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Helios Shlanket

A circular blanket or shawl for 24 mini skeins and one full skein of fingering weight yarn.

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This pattern was designed for the Solas advent calender by Olann. This advent consisted of 24 mini skeins and one full fingering weight yarn. The full skein and twelve of the mini skeins were hand dyed sock yarn (Sock Lite) at 425m/100g or 80m/20g. The other twelve mini skeins were mill spun yarn, 100% Fine Merino wool at 80m/20g. 

When making this pattern in a different yarn, take these yardages and the difference in texture between the mill and sock yarn into consideration, as the pattern was designed specifically for these yarns. The structure of the pattern also follows the advent, the instructions are divided into 25 days. Each day signifies the start of a new mini skein. 

The mini skeins are 20gr. However, gauge can influence yardage, as can the cast on tails. Be economic with CO tails and careful with gauge, as some of the days use up almost the entire skein.

Solas Advent Pattern - Follow link in listing to purchase!
Solas Advent Pattern - Follow link in listing to purchase!

A personal note from Roos, of Flax Field Design:

Having designed with Olann yarns over the past few years and just absolutely loving anything Jess comes up with, obviously I squealed (internally probably) and said yes when she asked me to design for the advent. I remember immediately bouncing off ideas for a theme and what I wanted to design - most of which we actually stuck to. I remember hanging up and immediately getting so nervous though! I’m already quite critical of my own designs, and I really wanted this advent to bring out the best of me, showcasing the beautiful colors that I knew Jess would come up with to the best of my abilities. Another thing I really wanted to make happen was finally visiting Jess and the mill, something I’d been wanting to do ever since meeting her. And I did! And it was so much fun.

It also definitely increased my admiration for this woman and all she does. It’s incredible. Visiting the archaeological sites, museums, and driving through rural ireland which all formed the inspiration for the project was also quite amazing. And a lot of fun ha. In the end, I’m incredibly happy with how this project turned out. As always, I remain quite critical of my own work, but I think that overall it was a very successful project. We set out to create an advent where yarn and design are really made for each other, and shows our love for archaeology, color, yarn, and knitting. I think it does all that. But best of all, I had fun doing it (ok, maybe not so much when frogging another 500+ stitches round but ok), and I also think that it was a project that brought Jess and I closer. Which I think is quite cool.

So, on to next year!