Bloom Club

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Welcome to the Bloom Club!

This is a 3 month subscription to the Olann Bloom club which begins in the second week of February 2020. You will receive 1 skein per month. You will receive 3 skeins total of this club in the club colour. You have 2 choices of bases, you pick one base for the duration of the membership.

The Bloom Club is brand spanking new and we here at Olann are very excited to bring it to you. Something fitting for the beginning of Spring. You all know me by now, so don't expect just sweet and flowery colours - I will be experimenting with some new colour ideas, a mix of light and airy, bright and colourful but with a decent amount of earthy and grounded notes in there too.. I've already been jotting down some ideas! Should you require more yardage, you can buy two club subscriptions and we will refund you the second shipping costs.

Signup for memberships are announced on social media platforms. We open memberships in the final month of the previous round. Club colours are unavailable to non-members.

There are four rounds of clubs per year:

Spring | February, March, April
Summer | May, June, July
Autumn | August, September, October
Winter | November, December, January

Packages will ship via An Post express post.