Sweater Club

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Welcome to the Sweater Club

This is a 3 month subscription to the Olann Sweater Club which begins the second week of August 2019. You have the option to purchase a sweater quantity that is customizable to you. This ranges from 5 skeins all the way up to 12 skeins. You will receive the amount you choose per month. We understand that this purchase is a big commitment to you, and that clubs can be scary because you don't know what colour you are going to get. So, to put your mind at ease, for this particular club, anyone who joins will receive an email asking for feedback around colours.

Signups for membership are announced on social media platforms. We open memberships in the final month of the previous round. Club colours are unavailable to non-members.

There are four rounds of clubs per year:

Spring | February, March, April
Summer | May, June, July
Autumn | August, September, October
Winter | November, December, January

Our Sweater Club offers three different bases; Donegal DK, Merino DK and Organic Aran. You will receive one of these bases each month. Sounds like a sweet deal to us. The colourways dyed will be a mix of semi solid and speckled colourways.

Packages will ship via An Post express post.